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Gift Ideas for Men – 30+ Practical Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

Gift Ideas for Men 30+ Practical Gift Ideas that are perfect for Birthdays, Father's Day, or any other occasion!

Here are 30+ Practical Gifts for Men - Perfect for Birthdays, Father's Day, or any other occasion!

This month my husband is going to be turning 30! He jokes that he is getting old now, but isn’t really too worried about it. I have been trying to think of some gifts to get for him this year, and I have come up with a quite a few good options. Since I was already looking for some gifts, I decided to write this article to give you some ideas if you are looking trying to figure out some great gift ideas to buy for the man in your life.

These are all great options for birthdays, Christmas, or any other occasion.

  1. Impact Driver – My husband got this for Christmas and says that it is so much better than a normal drill/driver. It has extra power and makes projects much easier. Lots of great options here.
  2. Bluetooth Earbuds These are great, especially if the man you are buying for likes to exercise but doesn’t like cords getting in the way.
  3. Phone Dock for Car – I know that a lot of cars have navigation and all sorts of music options built in already, but some don’t which means that having a dock in the car for navigation or music can be a great option for a present. There are many different styles to choose from based on how the phone is going to be positioned and more.
  4. Amazon Gift Cards – Sometimes you just can’t figure out what someone will want – luckily you can always opt for a gift card. I usually go with Amazon gift cards, just because pretty much anything that my husband could want is available there.
  5. New TV – This one is obviously a little bit more on the expensive side, but if you have a bit more in  your budget, there are some great high tech TVs that you can buy to make a great impression!
  6. Mixed Tool Kit – What man doesn’t need more tools? With so many household projects to do, it seems like my husband is always using different tools. Luckily there are some mixed tool kits that you can buy that have a good variety of essential tools.
  7. Easy Set Up Tent – If he likes camping, this tent is a perfect choice. It can be set up very quickly and will allow him more time to enjoy the outdoors. I bought it for my husband a couple of years ago and he loved it.
  8. Vortex Mixer – We don’t have one of these yet, but I have seen some videos, and it looks so cool! My husband would definitely like something like this for his protein shakes after going to the gym.
  9. FitBit – FitBit’s are great gifts if the man in your life is trying to get in shapre or stay in shape. It is a great way to stay motivated and you can even compete against friends and family. My husband and I love ours! There is a great selection to choose from for any budget. Check them out here.
  10. Kindle Reader – It’s pretty easy to download the Kindle app on nearly any smart phone or tablet now, but the original Kindle readers are easier on the eyes and its probably easier to avoid being distracted than if you are reading on a phone! Plents of options to choose from!
  11. Bluetooth Headset – If you are worried about your husband talking on the phone while driving, these bluetooth headsets are a good option. It will allow him to still make and take quick phone calls without using his hands at all.
  12. MLB/NFL/MLS/NBA Subscription to watch games – It seems like most men enjoy watching sports, but sometimes they can’t get all of the games that they like to watch on cable or normal TV. Most of the major sports leagues have options to subscribe to be able to watch most games from a smart phone or other device. I would definitely recommend you check this out to see if it is a viable option.
  13. Outdoor Grill – Everyone needs to have a nice grill for summer time barbecues! Whether its a small, simple one, or a big one with lots of different options, this is a must have and would make a great gift.
  14. Grill Set – To go along with the new grill, you may as well get him a nice grill set as well, complete with all the utensils that he might need to make some delicious food!
  15. Tickets to favorite sporting event – Sometimes the best gifts are ones that allow you to spend time together and make memories. If he has a team that he loves, a great gift idea would be to get him some tickets and to go to the game with him (or let him go with your kids or a friend). You can usually find pretty good deals on StubHub!
  16. Tickets to a concert – Same idea as above. If he really likes music and you know that one of his favorite artists is coming into town, this would be a great gift idea.
  17. New Wallet. I don’t know if all men are like this, but my husband tends to use a wallet until it is completely falling apart. It isn’t really because he loves his current wallet, he just never thinks to get a new one. Whenever I get him a new one, he loves it and is happy to have something that looks a little nicer. Some of these wallets look really sleek, yet functional.
  18. New Video Game System – I know that this one might be a little controversial (and expensive)! However, I know that there are some men that are able to control how much they play. My husband doesn’t have one of the newer systems yet, but on his Playstation 3 he only plays maybe once or twice a month – but the rest of the month we use it as a DVD player and to watch stream movies and TV shows, so it can definitely be a good option. Probably the best options right now would be the Playstation 4 or the XBox One.
  19. Travel Toiletry Kit – Does the man you are looking for presents for travel a lot? My husband doesn’t have to travel at all for work, but I know that a lot of men do, so really any gift that makes traveling easier and more efficient is a good one. Here are some great options to choose from.
  20. Sound Cancelling Headphones – This one is kind of related to the last one, as they can be great for long airplane rides. These are also great for studying or any other siuation when the only thing you want to concentrate on are the thoughts in your head. Once again, there are many to choose from in different price ranges.
  21. Tailored Suit – Another option is to get your man a tailored suit, especially if he wears a suit often and needs a new one. This can be pricey, but there are always deals to be found, so keep your eyes open!
  22. Golf Bag – Does he like to golf? If so, a golf bag is a great gift. My husband only goes out a few times per year, but he loved the golf bag I got him a couple of years ago. The one he was using before was a hand-me-down, so it was quite the upgrade. Taylor Made Golf is having a great sale through January of 2017 where you can get up to 50% off and free shipping on many golf accessories – click here for access to the sale.
  23. Round of Golf – Speaking of golf, what good is a golf bag without a round of golf to play? Why not go ahead and buy him a round of golf to go with the golf bag? There are some great local deals on Groupon for golf, so you can probably find an affordable course for him to play.
  24. Camera – I know that most phones come with a pretty nice camera now, but sometimes it is nice to have a traditional camera with some extra features. There are lots of point and shoot cameras to choose from here.
  25. Car Accessories – Most men love their car, so getting them any sort of accessory for the car is usually a safe bet. For example, this car trash can would be really helpful for my husband who tends to just leave his water bottles lying around the floor of the car until he decides to clean them up. 🙂
  26. Credits for Audiobooks – Perfect for men with a long commute to work that like to listen to Audiobooks. You can buy some credits for them and then let them pick out their own books!
  27. Phone Case – With as much as we use our smartphones, having a good case is important. I can’t tell you how many times I have dropped my phone, so I am glad that I have a good case. Just make sure that you get one that will fit his phone!
  28. Saw Horse – With all of the projects that my husband and I have been doing around our home, a good saw horse has been very important. For the first few projects, we borrowed my father-in-law’s saw horse, and being the nice man that he is, he bought my husband his own last year. We have gotten a lot of good use out of it, so if your husband, etc. doesn’t have one, this would be a good choice for a present!
  29. Hair Cutting Kit – Does the man your are buying for know how to cut his own hair? My husband started cutting his own about 6 years ago and hasn’t been to the barbershop since then. He bought his first hair cutting kit for about 15 dollars and used it for the first 3 years. This has been a huge amount of savings for us, with hair cuts running between 10-20 dollars or more! If he doesn’t know how to cut his own hair, there are lots of resources online to help. Either way, with all of the savings, it is worth it to invest in a nice haircut kit.
  30. Nice Men’s Cologne – You want your man to smell nice right? My husband loves getting new cologne, but he never wants to buy it because he thinks it is too expensive. That said, whenever I buy it for him for a present, he is so happy and grateful. There are a wide range of prices available and some of the less expensive ones smell good too!
  31. Watches: This is a great practical gift that you can buy! There are many options available whether you are looking for a smart watch or a traditional watch. If you do opt for a smart watch, make sure that you get one that is compatible with the phone that he has. For example, for iPhones you will want to get an Apple Watch, etc. Here are a few options to choose from.  Of course you can always go with a more traditional watch if a Smart Watch isn’t the way to go for you.

I know that there are so many options for presents out there, but sometimes it can be hard to choose, so I hope this list helps and I would love to hear other options in the comments below!

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Victoria Osborn

Tuesday 12th of April 2016

My husband is so hard to shop for but I know how much he loves his KC Royals so now spurge and buy him one set of premium seats for a game over the summer months. He loves it because not only is it a fun date but it's so special to share with him something he loves so much.

Justine Howell

Tuesday 12th of April 2016

My husband loves his fit bit and yes anything Amazon goes!!


Tuesday 12th of April 2016

What a thoughtful list of gift ideas! I like that you've got things for pretty much any budget and that cover lots of different interests.

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