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How To Make A Pamper Box For Your Dog

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Today I want to share a fun idea for all of you dog lovers! This pamper box is easy to make and will make it easy to make your dog feel special and loved. Keep reading to find out how to make it and to learn more about Purina Dog Chow.  


Check out this post to learn how to make an amazing Pamper Box for your dog.

When I was growing up in Mexico, I can’t think of a time when we didn’t have a dog. When I was just a little girl living on a small ranch in Mexico, we always had at least one or two dogs running around. I loved going outside and playing with them and they truly did become a part of our family. As I grew older, we continued having dogs and, even though we had a few, I remember each one with fondness and love to think back on those memories.


The last dog that I had before I got married and moved to the United States, was a sweet little dog with white fur and he was so cuddly! He always was there waiting for me when I got home from school and I always made sure to bathe him, feed him, and play with him as much as possible. In short, dogs have always been a part of my life, and they are so fun!

Unfortunately, we haven’t made the decision to own a dog yet since we got married, because we want to wait until our boys are a little bit older. That said, our six year old has been begging us to get one, so it might not be too much longer before we start looking.


Even though we don’t have a dog at our house, my in-laws live about 30 minutes away, and they have always had dogs and still have one today. Since they live so close, we try to make it over to their house at least once every couple of weeks. Our boys are always so excited, not only because they get to see their grandparents, but also because they get to see their new dog Lady!

Lady is a Chug (a Chihuahua Pug mix) and my in-laws just got her about a month ago. We have been over there a few times and in that time my boys already have fallen in love with her. They love to pet her and run around with her and from the looks of it, she likes playing with them too!


This past weekend we knew that we were going to go over and see her, so we decided that we wanted to give her a proper welcome to the family by making a fun pamper box for her. We know that dogs need good quality food, so the first order of business was buying some Purina Dog Chow at Target. Purina Dog Chow is great because it has many different options for the different stages of your dog’s life, so it grows with your dog! Since Lady is a small dog, we bought the Dog Chow Small Dog variety, as well as a smaller bag of Puppy Chow which is from the Dog Chow family of products.  We know that we can trust Dog Chow because it has been providing great nutrition for 90 years, it is made by dog lovers, and it is made right here in the USA.

After we bought the Dog Chow, we decided to add a few other fun products that we found in the Target pet aisle, including toys and bones that we really thought she would love.

To make the actual box for the pamper box, we just found an old cardboard box that one of my son’s birthday presents came in a few weeks ago. I cut off the top and made sure that it had enough room to fit everything.


I then went online and found some free dog paw print printables and printed them off. My boys had a fun time coloring some of these in, so that we could put them on the box for Lady.

Next, I wrapped the box using normal pieces of white paper and tape, making sure the cover the whole box. After that was done, I glued the paw prints onto it and it was ready to fill up!


We added all of the fun toys, bones, and the Puppy Chow, and then wrapped it up in some of this gift basket plastic that you can find at any craft store. All you have to do is cover the entire box, and then you can seal it using a hair dryer! We included the larger bag of Dog Chow Small Dog on the outside, because it wouldn’t quite fit in the box.


As you can see in these photos, Lady loved her Pamper Box – she was really excited to try the new food and had a great time with all of the toys that we got her!


It was really fun for us to make this box for Lady, and I hope that if you make one, the dog in your life will love it too!

 You can enter the sweepstakes below to win Purina Dog Chow products from Target for an entire year!

Purina #ThrowBarkDogChow

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