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Kitchen Backsplash Transformation

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. All writing and opinions are my own.

To see the full tutorial and more before and after pictures, check out our post on the Home Depot Blog

my-latina-table-acp-before-and-after - backsplash

Check out how we transformed our backsplash in one weekend using Aspect peel and stick tiles. Before and After Pictures on the blog!

Now that we have been in our own home for close to two years, we have decided to do some upgrades. Our first project is to make some updates to our kitchen to make it look nicer and more welcoming. Earlier this year, I started by refinishing and painting all of our kitchen cabinets and they turned out great! I love the black color and how it looks with the stainless steel appliances.

After we finished that, the next project was to upgrade our kitchen backsplash. The old backsplash that we had was nothing more than an extension of the laminate counter tops and I couldn’t stand them! I couldn’t wait to get them taken care of, so we started looking at different options right away.

My Latina Table ACP 2 - backsplash

We wanted something that was actually going to protect the walls a little better from water and food, but that looked nice as well. Since our ultimate plan is to upgrade to stone counter tops, we were hoping to keep costs down on our backsplash and to do them in one weekend at the most so that we could start working on other projects as soon as possible as well.

That is one of the reasons that we decided to use  Aspect brand subway tile, manufactured by Acoustic Ceiling Products (ACP) for our new backsplash. These are peel and stick tiles, which means that they stick to the wall with a very strong adhesive that is revealed when you peel away the paper from the back and this made installation pretty easy! With that said, if you want to be extra that they stay in place, the instructions state that you can use standard adhesive that is used for other backsplash as well.

my-latina-table-acp-0071 - backsplash

my-latina-table-acp-0013 - backsplash

Aspect tiles come in a variety of colors and styles so I am sure that you can find something that works for you kitchen. We used the “brushed stainless” subway tile and we love how it turned out.

As you can see in these pictures of the finished product, they turned out really nice and it is definitely an upgrade from what we had before. Aspect also has peel and stick trim pieces that you can use around the edges. We really feel like these trim pieces completed the look and made it look even better!

my-latina-table-acp-007 - backsplash

Overall we were happy with our experience with Aspect tiles and we definitely recommend them, especially if you want to remodel your kitchen on a budget and on a schedule. We were able to finish our entire kitchen in one Saturday with just a few finishing touches on Sunday. The difference that it made in our kitchen was quite drastic and we are excited to continue making more upgrades throughout the next year.

To see the full tutorial and more before and after images, check out our post on the Home Depot Blog here.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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