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My Pi(e) Day Piece Offering

Keep reading below to find out how I made a “piece” offering to my middle son using Edwards Pie in honor of Pi(e) day (3.14). 

Edwards Pie Pi Day piece offering 2

 Near the beginning of this year, I gave birth to my third baby boy. We have been having so much fun with him in our house and our other boys absolutely love him.

All that said, I get the feeling that my three-year old has been feeling a little bit jealous. He loves to hold his baby brother and I know that he absolutely adores him, but becoming the middle child isn’t easy for anyone! He has had a few meltdowns here and there and that has been tough for all of us.

With my oldest son at school every day, I fortunately get to spend a lot of time with my three-year old. I have been trying to do as much as possible with him so that he doesn’t feel left out. It has been hard not to get frustrated when he gets upset, but whenever I look at his big brown eyes, all that frustration melts away.

Today, being 3.14.17 –  a.k.a Pi(e) day – I decided that I wanted to do something special for him – to make a “piece” offering if you will. On my way home from dropping off my oldest son at school, I picked up a delicious Edwards Pie. It was easy to pick out, because of the new packaging which really catches the eye and lets you see what the pie is going to look like.

Edwards Pie Pi Day piece offering 3

I chose the Chocolate Creme Pie because my little guy loves chocolate. Before I showed it to him, I sat him down and told him how much I love him and how proud I am of him for being such a great big brother to our new little baby. I told him that since he had been such a good brother, I wanted to share a special treat with him. His eyes lit up when he say the pie and we were able to enjoy it together. As you can tell, he really enjoyed it (and so did I).

Edwards Pie Pi Day piece offering 5

Edwards Pie Pi Day piece offering

I was so happy to get to spend this time with my son and I hope that it is something that he will always remember. What “piece” offering will you be making this year? Check out more ideas on the Edwards Desserts Facebook page here.

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Diana Bronson

Tuesday 14th of March 2017

You are such a great mom Charbel! I am sure Liam loved that special treat! =) I miss you guys!!

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