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Serve Rhodes Warm & Serve Rolls with you Favorite Recipes

Inside: Find out more about Rhodes Warm & Serve Rolls and how they are a perfect addition to any meal. 

Rhodes Warm and Serve rolls with roast beeft

This post was sponsored by Rhodes Bread. All opinions are my own. 

Sunday dinner at our house is always one of our favorites. We love to make a nice, tasty beef or pork roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, and of course some type of bread! 

We often use Rhodes rolls, but sometimes we would forget to take them out in time to thaw, so we would just go without. Well now, that problem has been solved with Rhodes Warm & Serve Rolls. We recently found out about these and they have made Sunday dinner even better!

Rhodes Warm & Serve Rolls are so convenient becuase you don’t have to let them thaw – you can just warm them up in the oven in about 12 minute or even in the microwave for 25 seconds each! There are three different varieties – Artisan French Rolls, Soft White Rolls, and Sourdough Rolls. So far, we have only tried the soft white rolls, but we are excited to try the others soon. 

Rhodes Warm and Serve Rolls in bag

The other night, we were having dinner with my in-laws on Sunday and we decided to try the Soft White Rolls to go along with a tasty beef roast. They were awesome and so easy. I was happy to see them already perfectly risen and ready to bake when I opened the bag.

Rhodes warm & serve rolls 

We just brushed a little bit of melted butter on each one and baked them for 12 minutes like the instructions said and they were ready to go. Everyone loved them and there were none left on the table when dinner was over. 

Rhodes Warm & Serve Rolls with butter

We used these to accompany roast beef, but they would go great with anything. You could even use them for slider buns and I am sure they would be delicious. These would also be a perfect option for an easy and tasty side dish for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year!

Check out some of our other recipes that could go well with these rolls below. 

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Wednesday 19th of October 2022

i "messed up" christmas dinner 2 years ago because i forgot to take them out of the freezer. all my kids kept saying "i cant believe theres no rolls" "why did you forget mom?" etc. so i am THRILLED to see these! i love rhodes-i think they are THE best rolls out there-i even prefer them over homemade. thanks a million for posting this!!

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