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5 Ways To Make a Difference This Year

Thanks to Chuck E. Cheese’s for sponsoring this post.  

Whenever this time of year rolls around, I start to reflect on things that have happened during the year and how I could have been better. I almost always feel like I should have helped other people more.

This year has been good for us and we feel very blessed. As a result, I think it is important to look for ways to serve other people and let them know that someone cares. Today I want to share 5 easy ways to make a difference in someone’s life this coming year.

Pay for Someone’s Groceries

When my husband and I first got married, he was in school and working two part-time jobs. During that first year, we had our first baby boy and things were very tight financially.

One day we needed to go shopping, so we headed over to one of our favorite stores. We didn’t have much food in the house, so by the time we got to the checkout lane, our cart was full. We were worried, because we didn’t have very much money in the bank at the time. In fact, we were thinking that we may have to take some things out of the cart. Right when we were about to start doing just that, a nice lady walked up to us and asked if she could pay for our groceries.

My husband and I were both in shock. We couldn’t believe it and were hesitant to accept the help. My husband asked her multiple times if she was sure (our bill was getting very high!), and she insisted. She told us that someone did it for her one day when she was struggling with twin babies, and this was her way of paying it back.

This was something that my husband and I have remembered and cherished ever since it happened. If it is within your means, this is a great way to help someone out.

Organize a Fundraiser to help schools

Schools and other youth organizations can always use extra funds to help our kids to learn and grow. Fortunately, there are some great ways to organize fundraisers to help out. One great way to do this is by planning a Chuck E. Cheese’s fundraising event.

Chuck E Cheeses

You can choose whether to support a local school, or another non-profit that benefits children. When you sign up for one of these events, a portion of the proceeds generated by the people that you invite to the fundraising event will go to the school or other youth group of your choice. Chuck E. Cheese’s also will provide you with materials to promote the event, and if it is for a school, play passes for the kids that attend, a visit from Chuck E. to the school on the day of the event, and a free meal for teachers in attendance.

Chuck E Cheese's Fundraiser

We love going to Chuck E. Cheese’s with our kids, whether for the great food or for birthday parties, and this is just one more reason to go. Check out more details or organize a fundraising event here.

Put Back Carts at Grocery Store

Every time that I go to the store, I am amazed by how many carts people just leave all over the parking lot. It is frustrating when I want to park in a great spot, just to have a cart in the way! Sometimes I get annoyed by it, but I realized later that I shouldn’t judge other people. You never know why someone doesn’t take the time to take the cart back. Maybe they have lots of kids that they don’t want to leave alone in the car, or maybe they are elderly or disabled and have a hard time walking.

Even if it is just because they are having a lazy moment, it isn’t my place to judge. So, instead of judging, I decided to take my kids out the other night to a few parking lots in the area to have them help me go around the parking lot and return the carts to where they belong. We had a really fun time and it was a great opportunity to teach them this lesson about helping others.

Take Hot Chocolate to the Crossing Guards at School

We moved into a new home earlier this year, and it is right around the corner from my son’s elementary school. It is so nice for it to be so close, because I can just walk him over there. Every day that we walk to school, we walk by the crossing guards that are placed between our house and the entrance to the school and they are always so nice. I am so grateful for them for taking time out of their days to keep our kids safe.

Living in Colorado, it can get really cold in the mornings. A few weeks ago I decided to make some hot chocolate and pass it out to each of the crossing guards. A couple of days before, I asked for a few extra drink carriers from a fast-food restaurant, and then I bought some disposable cups made for hot drinks from the grocery store. We made the hot chocolate in the morning, put it in the cups and got to work passing them out on the way to school.

The crossing guards were all so appreciative and it made me feel good to do that for them. My sons really enjoyed it too, and asked when we could do it again. This is a great way to help this year if you are in a similar situation.

Offer to Watch a Friend’s Children so that they can go on a date

We love our kids so much. That said, it is important to be able to go out on dates whenever possible and to spend time as a couple. My husband and I don’t get out as much as we would like, and a lot of times that is because we don’t have someone to watch the boys.

One great way to help people out this year would be to offer to watch their kids or have their kids play with your kids so that they can go on a date. I guarantee that they will appreciate it!

These are just a few ways to help out. I would love to hear your ideas as well, so let me know about them in the comments section below!

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Saturday 16th of December 2017

Yes, yes YES! My son calls me the shopping cart vigilante!

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