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Idea For a Fun Family Night

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It is so important to me, as a mother, to plan special evenings for our family to go out and have a fun time together. We try to do this at least once a week, but sometimes it can be hard to think of things to do. We have done the traditional family movie night, we have had backyard barbecues and trips to the park, and we have even gone to some sporting events. Today, I want to share one other fun activity that we did recently, that I am sure would be fun for your family too – especially if you have young kids. Keep reading to find out more.

Thank You To Chuck E. Cheese’s for Sponsoring this Post

In the past year we have gone to Chuck E. Cheese’s multiple times. One of our best experiences was when we celebrated my niece’s birthday party last year. Check out this post for instructions on how to throw an amazing birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.

Next, we visited this Summer when Chuck E. Cheese’s visitors attempted to break a Guinness World Records(TM) for “Most People Blowing Party Blowers Simultaneously for 10 Seconds”. This post talks about that experience and Chuck E. Cheese’s new Eat & Play Express packages, which are a great value and fun for the kids.

A couple of weeks ago we decided to go again for one of our family nights, and to try some of Chuck E. Cheese’s delicious menu items. When I used to think of Chuck E. Cheese’s, I didn’t really focus on the food. It has always been more of a place for the kids to go and unwind. That said, Chuck E. Cheese’s has made some great strides to improve its food options and we really enjoy eating there now too!

This time, in addition to the classic pepperoni pizza, we decided to try a couple of tasty side dishes as well. We went with the sweet  chili boneless  wings and the cheesy bread. Each of these menu items were delicious and we ended up going back for a little bit more.

There are some other new food offerings that we didn’t get the chance to try, but we definitely will on our next trip. For example, Chuck E. Cheese’s now offers a new Cinnamon Dessert Pizza, Churros, and a giant, warm chocolate chip cookie for dessert!

Of course after we were done eating, the kids were super excited to play all of the fun games and activities that Chuck E. Cheese’s has available. My husband commented on how they have definitely upgraded the play experience since he was a kid. Our kids had a great time, and of course, wanted to compete to see who could get the most tickets.

Overall, we had a great time and this ended up being a really fun family night out for us – and one that I definitely recommend if you are looking for ideas. You can check here to see if you have a Chuck E. Cheese’s nearby.



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